The Meantime….

Everyone has these times….

Nothing is really working out how I had planned and I don’t see the end. What am I supposed to be doing? Is this where I want my life to be? Who am I? When life is filled with more questions than answers. I believe you have found your self in the “meantime .

At 29 years old, I’ve found myself in more meantimes than most,?lbs So I’d think. Again I am here right now wondering, once again. I’m not too sure how the meantime seems to come so quickly for me, or maybe it’s just like this for everyone. But it seems like never ending journeyq of mountains with deep valleys. Long walks through the Sahara which what seems to never end. Sometimes even as if the blazing constant beaming of heat and dehydration taking over brings upon what might seem to be mirages. A figment of my imagination, what seems to be just isn’t.

In this season will you blossom or wither as the times does to the flowers.

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